Arthroscopy Surgery and the First Few Days of Recovery

Arthroscopy Surgery and the first few days of recovery is a different experience for everyone. This is my experience. The surgery itself is generally one-and-a-half to two hours long, done as an outpatient procedure as it is minimally invasive. The surgeon makes three small incisions, one for the camera and the other two for small…

Preparation for Hip Arthroscopy Surgery

I’m thankfully a healthy and fit person in general as I’ve enjoyed fitness my entire life. I began my Pilates training in 2006 and opened Archer Pilates very shortly thereafter. Along with becoming a Master Trainer, teaching others to become Pilates instructors, teaching my own clients, running the studio and maintaining my own practice, I thoroughly enjoy many other outdoor activities which has lead to my torn labrum and reason for surgery. I’ve had hip pain for quite sometime, but put it down to a lack of stretching after long hikes and three hours of Pickleball. I started attending PT regularly, but during the stay at home order and closing down my business as well as the Pickle and Paddle tennis courts I took to running.