Week Ten of Recovery from Hip Arthoscopy Surgery

Going into week ten of recovery I felt almost normal. This was an amazing feeling.

Leg extensions.

My physical therapist was pushing me hard and I was pushing myself also. Almost three straight weeks of really hard work was paying off. I had increased my intensity on the stationary bike each day by going faster and up and down on the resistance for some intervals. As you see in the featured image and above, I did the leg exstensions while holding myself up on that contraption. This challenged the hip flexors, abs and upper body.

Forward to back lunges with balance challenge.
Side lunge with balance challenge.

We continued a variation of lunges each visit. Forward and back, side to side, curtsy lunges to the front and back. We also continued exercises with balance challenges on the foam pad on one leg with my arms overhead and reaching forward and back. For the lunges you see  here, I had to balance on one leg, lunge and tap my other foot forward, to the side, and back into a cursty lunge.

Unfortunately, I was still unable to do any upper body work besides elbow planks because of my elbow. Who knew that would take so long to heal!!! My lower body was sure getting a lot of work though.  I was now able to do three full springs again for footwork on the reformer and two springs for single leg.

Curtsy lunge with balance challenge.

I was really looking forward to side-lying leg series on the reformer, but laying on my right side on a hard surface like the reformer was surpisingly still painful. I continued to push myself with bridging on one and a  half springs for both legs and stayed there for single-leg bridging. I am not quite where I was before surgery yet, but getting closer. I manged a 30-minute beach walk with no pain during and minor soreness afterwards. I still had to ice a few times a week, but was told this was normal. I have so many things to look forward to and to not push myself too quickly towards. I am determined to continue on an upward swing and not have anymore setbacks so I will continue to stay motivated in my rehab and let you all know how it’s going. I really appreciate all of your support and our amazing clients sticking by us through all of this.