Week 12 of Recovery from Hip Orthoscopy Surgery

Week 11 was very similar to week ten so I’m moving right along to week 12.

I was really looking forward to my 12 week post op appointment with my surgeon as I was hoping to be cleared to play pickleball. I’d already hit the ball a little bit with a flex band around my knees to be extra cautious. My physical therapist had suggested this because I was dying to play. She was just worried about sudden movements and with the band that was impossible.¬† It went really well and I felt fine the next day.

At my post op my surgeon agreed that I could begin to play cautiously and not competitively. He prescribed six more weeks of PT to get me back to where I was before surgery. I was happy about this because I learn something during each session and can translate it to things I can do at the studio. I was also quietly dissappointed that I wasn’t discharged and able to do everything I wanted. At least I was cleared to begin getting back to everything I love as the last 12 weeks have seemed like an eternity with everything else that’s going on in my life and the world.¬† Now I can get the stress relief from more physical activities that I’ve come to enjoy.

Additional Work for Hip Strength
Side Lunges for Hip Stability and abducter strength.








Here I am three months post op with six more weeks ahead of me in PT and ready and willing to do the work ahead to get back to tip top shape. Soon I will be playing pickleball again three to four times per week, hiking, running and doing Pilates. Hopefully¬† Archer Pilates will re-open and we can get back to seeing our amazing clients again in the studio. We have been cleared to do our privates and semi-privates now that we have partnered with the chiropractor downstairs. After six long months of doing virtual classes and privates, I’m so excited to be physically able to see people again in person and legally alowed to do so. Things may never be quite the same again, but helping people recover from surgeries, rehabbing injuries and just helping people with all around fitness is my passion in life so getting back to that will be fabulous.

Forward Lunges for Balance and stability
Balance and Stability Work

This is probably my last post regarding my recovery as it should be smooth sailing from here. It’s been quite a journey that’s for sure and I truly appreciate those of you that have been following along and sincerely thank you for your support. Hope to see you all soon!!!