6 Reasons Private Pilates Sessions Work!

Whether you have been doing Pilates for years, are brand new to the Pilates world, or are searching for a new fitness routine that TRULY makes a difference, Private Pilates sessions are the way to go.  We can help rehabilitate injures, keep you motivated & on track to meet your health & fitness goals for 2018 and beyond.  Everyone can benefit from Private Pilates Sessions at Archer Pilates!  Our highly trained instructors can help you change your body in ways you never would have imagined before, and help you see results in your stance & posture & in all aspects of your life & body!
1. The Personal Attention You’ll Receive
In a Private Session, you are our one and only priority!  Our Instructors are able to give you complete one on one direction, whether you roll your shoulders forward, rotate your ankles in or out while you’re working on footwork, or if that pesky lower back is over arching during your planks!  You receive the type of attention you wouldn’t be able to have during a class full of 8 people. Having repeat visits with your instructor will give us the opportunity to become tuned in to your body and all of it’s strengths and weaknesses.
2.Customized Workouts
Everyone has different goals when beginning, or continuing a workout regimen.  Some people have the focus on losing weight, strengthening, re-gaining conditioning or even as a form of rehabilitating an injury. Working one on one with a Private Instructor really allows you to focus on exactly what you are looking for with your body, especially with the added benefit of utilizing the Cadillac, Spine corrector, Chair and Barrel, equipment not worked with in Group Classes.  The possibilities are endless with the added benefit of these streamlined, high quality & versatile Pilates additions.
3. Mastering Your Form
Pilates is rooted in having the Proper Form.  From beginners, to the most advanced, in every class or private session you take, Form is always the constant you will hear from your instructor.  Private Sessions really allow you to have the time and attention you need to master the form properly to do everything from a bridge curl, to 100’s, to Long Stretch.  From the moment you walk into your first private session, your instructor will teach you all about your form during your workout, and even give you tips on how to improve your posture in your regular day life!
4. Lingo
Where are my Sitz Bones?  How “Curvy” is my curve supposed to be? What is Neutral spine?
There are a many terms thrown around in our group classes that may sound like a whole new language to you!  Our Instructors really explain these terms, and how to achieve them with your body, so you’ll be speaking the Pilates Language in no time!
5. Injuries and Health Issues
If you have a previous injury, or just have specific parts of your body that give you pain more than they should, a Private Session is really the best way to begin your Pilates Journey, or even continuing to master what you already are experienced in.  If you were a runner, and have issues with knee joint pain, or suffer from the far too common “desk posture” with lower back pain and pinching your shoulders up to your ears, your Private Instructor can really create workouts to focus on your specific body needs.  Having someone by your side, reminding you to pull those shoulders down, keep those ribs laced, maintain your neutral spine so you don’t feel any pain in your lower back, is crucial to really help you come back from your injuries, not further worsen them without the attention you need.

6. Accountability, Motivation and The Push
Our job is to motivate you, and keep you accountable when you need that extra push you can’t get on your own!  We are invested in you and your health from the moment you walk into our studio, and want to help push you and make your physical goals more attainable than ever before.  Private Sessions really have a focus on having a balance of giving you exercises that are not impossible for you to do, but to also challenge and push you to reach levels you didn’t think your body was able to go.
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