Kickoff 2018 in full force with our 6 week Fitness Challenge!  Whether you’re trying to lose body fat, inches or gain strength, the Archer Pilates Challenge is going to help you feel positive, strong and healthy about the way you are starting the year!  And win some AMAZING prizes while you’re doing it!

Every week we’ll be posting up healthy recipes on the Archer Pilates Blog, along with tips on staying healthy outside of your workouts at our Studio.  And throughout the Challenge, we will have 3 Group Fitness Sessions outside of the Studio for all our Challengers to participate in.  Join us on our Facebook page by contributing any inspiration ideas, activities or recipes that are helping you get through our Challenge!  We want to make sure everyone in the Challenge feels the community encouragement and support from the Archer Pilates Team!

The GRAND PRIZE is 1 month of UNLIMITED Classes!  A value of $250!  2nd Place wins 5 FREE Classes, and 3rd place wins a set of Citizen Loops Personal Pilates loops!  Whoever has the most points by the end of the Challenge wins!

We have 3 Categories for you to choose what you want to accomplish during your Challenge:

  1. Most Body Fat Lost
  2. Most Inches Lost
  3. Gaining the most strength

We want to reward you every time you help yourself get closer to your goals with points for each activity:

  • Private Lessons – 3 Points
  • Classes – 2 Points
  • Checking in at Archer Pilates on Facebook and Instagram – 1 Point
  • Joining us on our Outdoor Challenge Workouts – 5 Points
  • Posting a photo of your Outside Workouts and Tagging Archer Pilates on Social Media – 1 Point (Use the #ArcherPilatesChallenge along with your picture)
  • Checking into Yelp at Archer Pilates – 1 Point
  • Writing a review for Archer Pilates on Yelp and Google – 2 Points

The winner of each Category gets an additional 10 Points to their total!

The more you workout, the closer you get to winning!  Take advantage of our New Years Promotion for 10 Classes for $225, and 6 Private Sessions for only $390!  Work hard to WIN BIG!! The Challenge is only open to Monthly Members or clients who PURCHASE a package, so we can help you achieve all of your goals.  Click Here to sign up for ONLY $40!!

Join us to be your best self with our great, supportive Team!

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