2018 FITNESS CHALLENGE – Outdoor Activities

2018 FITNESS CHALLENGE begins Monday January 22nd! Check out our blog HERE for all the details. We’re also going to have 3 Outdoor Activities that are worth 5 POINTS each to keep your workouts strong inside and out of the studio!
February 4th @ 10:30am – With Jennifer & Heather – Meet at Archer Pilates and walk over to the LMU Trail for a Run/Hike up the Trail and some extra exercises squeezed in!
February 17th @10:30am – With Melanie & Ainee – Playa del Rey Beach – Join us for some running and circuit work right on the beach! Can’t beat that Ocean View while working out!
March 3rd @10:30am – With Kat – Culver City Stairs – Get that last burn in with our FINAL outside on the killer Culver City Stairs! Climb to the top, and have a series of bonus workouts
ready and waiting for you!

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