2018 at Archer Pilates Academy & Studio

Start 2018 right at Archer Pilates Academy where you will get more than just a Pilates class, you get the experience of a Pilates Academy that will provide you with the support you need to change your lifestyle!

We’re offering brand new classes, will be sending out a new Monthly Newsletter with recipes, Wellness information and articles on how you can make the best of Pilates and improve your everyday life!  In 2018, we will also be hosting multiple workshops throughout the year focusing on healthy eating, incorporating the practices of Pilates into your life outside of the studio, and learning about the different parts of your body you are working while practicing Pilates.

We will also be working within our community by opening up a program to High School students in the neighborhood to learn about Pilates and a healthy lifestyle!

We also will be beginning our Spring Instructor Training March 24th with our Nuts & Bolts Workshop.  All of our current Instructors came through the Archer Pilates Academy, and are some of the best instructors around Los Angeles!  Change your career, your lifestyle and create a brand-new income for yourself!

Take advantage of our New Year Promotions on 10 Group Classes for $225!  This promotion is open to both New and Current Clients!

Our Private Pilates Sessions are an amazing way to practice Pilates, whether you are brand new to the program, a seasoned professional wanting to take advantage of all of the different equipment Pilates has to offer like The Chair, The Cadillac and The Barrel, or you are recovering from surgery or an injury and want a great way to therapeutically get your strength back!  We are offering a GREAT introductory deal for New Clients on a package of 6 private Sessions for $390!

Come to a Pilates Academy that will offer you more than a hello and goodbye after a class.  We have a great community of supportive and strong people who are here to help you create your best self!

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