Scoliosis Pilates Therapy in Los Angeles

Individuals with scoliosis are all too familiar with the discomfort that comes with the curvature of their spine. For those who are born with scoliosis and have a greater than 15 degree curve at a young age; scoliosis can be painful throughout their lives. It can also worsen with age if it is not properly cared for.

Pilates is an ideal exercise that can actually help with scoliosis.  At Archer Pilates, we have worked with many clients with Scoliosis on different levels.  And we teach our clients that the work doesn’t stop once they leave our studio.    Not only does this type of exercise support the spine by strengthening the low back and mid back paraspinal muscles, but it also can ease the pain symptoms commonly associated with scoliosis. In this population (and in all people) Pilates offers three primary benefits: core strength, flexibility, and improved posture.


Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates who was a physical therapist. It is a combination of a yoga-focused practice and strength training. Accordingly, it is a great exercise for building muscle without bulking up. Pilates incorporates balanced moves that require significant focus on the core. With a stronger core, people are able to better support their backs. Strengthening abdominal muscles and back muscles enable those with scoliosis to gain more control of their bodies.


In Pilates, form is key. Without proper posture and positioning, participants do not receive the full benefit of the practice. At Canyon Physical Therapy, our instructors ensure that each participant maintains proper form. Practicing active correct postural control helps those with scoliosis get the most out of Pilates and avoid injury. Instructors ensure participants maintain good posture and extend their bodies while strengthening.


Scoliosis can lead to stiffness, uncomfortable posture, and pain in the low back, mid back, or neck. Pilates helps by greatly improving flexibility in all these areas. This newly gained flexibility allows tension relief, decreased stress, and muscular discomfort. Pilates also caters to those with scoliosis as it adds modifications that can be done with a barrel, physioball, or bosu.
If you are ready to gain control of your life and body and say goodbye to the unpleasant symptoms of scoliosis, pilates might be your answer! Our physical therapists and certified Pilates instructors will ensure that you gain all that you can from pilates. They also challenge you to become better with each session! For August and September you can have a “taster” session for FREE! What are you waiting for?  Contact us today to get started.