Los Angeles Top Instructor Spotlight: Kat Walsh

Several years ago, one of my colleagues had asked me if I wanted to go with her to a local Pilates studio and participate in a fitness challenge.  At this point, I knew nothing of Pilates; I only knew that as I was getting older, the pounds seemed to come on more quickly and my toes seemed further and further away as I reached down to tie my shoes.  I developed mobility injuries in my shoulders and neck. Overall, I felt I was aging way too fast!  As many you who know me are aware, I have always been a big lover of the outdoors and stayed as active as possible.  I played volleyball for many years, enjoyed hiking, swimming, biking, boating and other sports. As my flexibility and general level of fitness began to decline, these activities became more and more of a challenge to fully enjoy.  The thought of not being able to stay active when I was eventually able to retire was a bit disconcerting.

So off we went to see what this fitness challenge opportunity had to offer.  Among other physical activities, it was there that I was first introduced to Pilates.  It seemed doable even to a beginner like me – except for the part about keeping my shoulders out of my ears!  After the challenge was done, I stayed with the studio (yes, Archer Pilates!) as I found a great community of caring instructors and fellow clients that truly supported me in reaching my fitness goals.  I was hooked!

The rest is history.  I started taking classes a couple of times a week and eventually became a regular four days a week. It was my new addiction.  The pounds came off and stayed off. My balance improved.  My level of flexibility increased.  I grew stronger.  After a few years, studio owner and Master Trainer Melanie Archer approached me about becoming a certified Pilates instructor. Me? Like many women, my self-image was poor and I still saw myself as overweight and out of shape. I didn’t think teaching was something I’d be able to do.  But with some encouragement, I took the plunge started on my certification and subsequent Pilates instructor career.  And I am so happy I did. I love the ability to share my love and knowledge of Pilates with others so as to empower them to take control of their health much the same way Pilates empowered me.

Check out our schedule and look for me teaching evening and weekend classes at Archer. I am also now available to take on new clients for private sessions, semi-privates and trios throughout the week.   Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @PilatesKat and email me with questions or with inquiries about private sessions at Kat4Pilates@gmail.com.  Hope to see you in the studio soon!