Pilates for Seniors

Nangee Morrison, Pilates enthusiast since 2014, credits her flexibility and stamina along with strong bones to her sessions at Archer Pilates, where we specialize in therapeutic and rehabilitative Pilates. Pilates is the perfect exercise for seniors.

This is one of our very special clients.  At 78 years old, Nangee has been doing Private Pilates sessions three times per week (before self-isolation) and was very proud of her accomplishments in the studio. We were, too! Nangee came to us with the typical concerns of the aging population.  She wanted to be sure she maintained her amazing flexibility; she was concerned about bone density;  she wanted to be sure that her muscles stayed strong without getting bulky; she wanted to defy the effects of gravity on her skeletal system so she can stand tall; she wanted to reduce the chances of injury from falls or muscle fatigue.  

We helped Nangee design a Pilates program to deal with all her concerns.  Pilates helps create long, lean muscles that pull on bones to help fend off osteoporosis.  By including resistance work on the Reformer and Cadillac, we helped her increase her bone density.  Working the core gave her better control over her extremities and helped her maintain balance. We added some exercises for the back and shoulders to help her stand tall.  We added assisted stretches throughout the session to help keep her flexible and reduce muscle fatigue.   

But alas, the Los Angeles Safer at Home initiative brought Nangees Pilates sessions to an end – but not for long!  This screenshot was taken after her first virtual Pilates session. She was so excited and happy to be doing Pilates again. Although she did not have a Reformer or Cadillac in her home that we could work on, we were able to use flexibands and light hand weights to provide the movement and resistance work she needed along with some great stretches. 

Nangee was thrilled to be able to share some of her flowers from her garden. She credits Pilates with helping her stay strong and healthy enough to tend to her flowers. Her consistency and dedication to working out shows.  While many of us that are younger have some or all of these concerns, they are exacerbated by aging. Starting Pilates at any point in your life can help you reduce the effects of aging.  Plus it’s a great way to reduce stress as well as provide a connection in the community. Young or old, Pilates is for everybody and every body.  This woman truly motivates us to keep teaching and keep practicing Pilates.  I want to age as gracefully and strong as Nangee!