Walk with Archer Pilates during National Walking Month

Tone those gluts and quads with Pilates at Archer Pilates to help you conquer National Walking Month!

May is National Walking month. Regular exercise like walking has been shown to have many health benefits.  It can improve your heart health, circulation, and lung efficiency. It can help with conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes.  It can help reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.  Exercise has also been shown to improve mental health.  With all these benefits, why not get out for a walk?  There’s nothing better to help you put some spring in your step than a great Pilates workout. Now that the weather is warming up and more folks are heading outside to enjoy some exercise, it’s the perfect time to give yourself the advantage of stronger muscles.  Pilates helps you get deep into the muscles for long, lean, strong gluts and quads. It is those gluts and quads that are the primary muscles used when walking. Pilates also focuses on proper alignment which will help you to reduce injury by using your muscles as they were intended.

Archer Pilates is currently holding sessions both virtually and live in-studio. We conduct small group reformer classes to ensure our instructors are able to give feedback and direction to all participants.  Private sessions are also available for those with more specific needs or who prefer one-on-one fitness instruction. Injuries?  No problem.  We can help you improve muscle imbalances while working around injuries, slowly helping those muscles back to full use.  Our studio is in the Westchester / Culver City area of Los Angeles but you can join us from anywhere via our virtual sessions. Check out our schedule on our website to see what sessions might be best for you. Then grab a mask and get out there!