Lean for 2016′ Fitness Challenge!

Win a Free Month of Classes in our ‘Lean for 2016’ Fitness Challenge!

It’s time to get busy, get on track and achieve your 2016 fitness goals! Join us for our fun, motivating, annual fitness challenge and let us help you reach those goals!


The winner of our Lean for 2016 Challenge will receive an entire month of Pilates classes for FREE! All you have to do is rank the highest in a) improvement of strength, b) body fat loss, and c) total inches lost! Easy, peasy! Plus, we’ll be there to encourage and help each other along the way!

We will host special weekly fitness outings as well as have our usual variety of Pilates and Zumba classes available to help you meet your goals. Stick with it and continue to work hard and we’ll all be winners!

Here’s how it works:

The Lean for 2016 Fitness Challenge begins on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 4:00PM and runs for 6 weeks.
We’ll take body (including body fat) measurements and weigh each of the participants.
We’ll talk about the things that will make this challenge a success such as healthy diet, regular exercise and more.
Our first session will include a stretch, ab workout and fitness test.
We’ll hold each other accountable to attend classes, talk about struggles and how to overcome them, and to continue to work to reach our goals.
Our weekly outings will generally be held on weekend afternoons and will consist of activities such as special sessions at the studio, at the beach, hikes, walking the Baldwin Scenic Overlook, or even the Loyola Marymount Trail.
In addition to our first session measurements, we’ll do measurements at the half-way point and at the end of the challenge so participants can track their progress to be encouraged and to learn the best ways to be successful.
The cost for the entire package — weighing, measuring, tracking and motivational fitness outings — is only $40 per person.*
For only $40 you can be a lighter, brighter, healthier you. Let us provide the support you need to reach your health and fitness goals for 2016!

*Regularly scheduled classes are extra. We suggest a class package to get you through the challenge, but individual classes or private sessions may be purchased as well.

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