How To Get Your Health Routine Back On Track Post Holidays

2023 is here and now is a great time to get back to your health routine as the holiday rush winds down. Working out and eating right typically fall to the wayside as you’re preparing to buy gifts for loved ones and spend time with your family. Now that the holiday season’s over, resuming a healthy routine is vital to maintaining your best self. Here are some ways you can either return or adopt new health-focused routines and start the new year strong. 

Get Your Diet Back On Track 

The holidays are full of sweets and other hearty foods to indulge in. While it’s perfectly fine to spoil yourself, you should be thinking about returning to a healthier diet in the new year. Plan your meals and prepare superfoods that are rich in the nutrients your body needs. If you’re looking to shed some pounds, foods rich in protein and fiber are excellent choices as they can help keep you fuller longer. Seafood has high amounts of healthy protein since they’re packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce body fat. Highly fibrous foods such as brown rice and quinoa can help reduce cravings for refined sugars and carbs. Remember, diets don’t have to be boring! There are tons of creative recipes which include the above-mentioned foods that’ll taste great and make you feel amazing. 

Schedule Your Doctor Appointments

Sometimes in the months leading up to the holidays, you may not be able to commit to doctors’ appointments. This is understandable – life can be a whirlwind and your hectic schedule might not include a trek to the doctor’s office. As we begin the new year, start to plan accordingly and make an appointment to see your primary care physician in addition to your dentist and optometrist. Whether you meet with a doctor online or in person, they will help to provide a personalized approach to your overall health and get you the care you deserve. They’ll be able to tailor a healthcare regimen that fits your lifestyle and improves your quality of life. Remember to get your bloodwork done, your routine teeth cleaning, and a yearly eye exam. If you have aspirations to focus on your health, now would be a great time to look into starting that workout routine, getting the straight smile you always wanted, or switching to a new pair of contact lenses. It’s never too late to get your team of doctors’ support in being your best self in the new year. 

Add Exercise To Your Routine

On top of getting your diet and doctor visits in check, it’s best to throw exercise in the mix. Gaining the motivation to hit the gym might not be as easy as before, especially if you’ve been a little lapse in going the past couple of months. For a solution, have you ever considered doing Pilates? Pilates can not only strengthen your core, but can deliver the opportunity to relieve tension in your shoulders, back, and legs, while building strength and also promoting mindfulness and body awareness. Here at Archer Pilates, we have a fully equipped studio and offer classes and personalized private sessions either in person or virtually via Zoom! Our flexible schedule has classes for those who are more experienced, as well as classes for beginners to develop a foundation within Pilates.

No matter where you are with your journey entering 2023, be sure to put yourself first. Your health is so important and following these tips will help you start off on the right foot! In the new year, people have the opportunity to press restart and push forward headfirst to become the best versions of themselves. Let’s do this!