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13 Exercises to Help You Recover From an Injury

Overview Ouch! No one likes being sidelined by an injury. But you can cope with some by doing certain rehabilitative exercises (depending on your injury and if your doctor gives you the OK, of course). While these exercises won’t heal your injury, they can make you feel stronger. So if you’re experiencing pain in your knees, shoulders, lower back or hips, follow along with these 13 exercises from Melanie Archer, certified Pilates Master Trainer and owner of Archer Pilates and Wellness in Los Angeles. (NOTE: Get approval from your doctor or physical therapist before doing any of these exercises, as not all of them are suitable for every single injury.)

Workouts in Los Angeles for a Wedding-Ready Body

Our own Lisa Jey Davis wrote a piece “Workouts in Los Angeles for a Wedding-Ready Body” for about 5 of the best fitness methods in and around Los Angeles. ARCHER PILATES is (of course) the featured studio in the Pilates section… and BONUS!


Archer offers special packages for Brides so they’ll be picture-perfect and wedding-ready on their big day!


Contact us to talk about available options, and what we recommend for you (or the bride-to-be in your life). We’re specially equipped and trained to help brides get on course to succeed and look amazing on their wedding day!