Class Categories: Pilates

Crunch B4 Brunch

It’s Sunday Funday! Before heading out to brunch, get your workout in with our intermediate full body workout. Crunch B4 Brunch will get your appetite going and your energy up with our Classic Rock Playlist so you’ll be singing all the way to your pancakes!

$25 Happy Hour

Archer Pilates is offering this group class at a lower price point. This is a 45-minute, intermediate level Pilates Reformer Class. It is not for first timer’s, but for clients that have previously taken a couple of private sessions or beginner classes. This Archer Pilates workout is specifically designed to strengthen, elongate, tone and tighten the body quickly and safely.

Stretch and Reform

Therapeutic Pilates is an equipment based, mind/body training method aimed at improving strength, flexibility, balance and pain-free, natural movement. It uses the whole body in a functional way and is gentle and effective for all ages. Therapeutic Pilates sessions are an ideal complement to physical therapy. Do you have specific needs that require a more personalized therapeutic workout? Ask us about Private sessions.

reduce pain
prevent injury
restore balance
improve posture
increase core stability & flexibility
regain quality of life
Therapeutic Pilates has successfully helped with:

Acute and chronic low back pain
Overuse injuries
Pelvic, spinal & shoulder instability
Hip & knee strengthening (pre-/post-surgery)
Optimizing athletic performance

Guns & Buns

Have you ever been asked to “See the Gun Show”? Do them one better and show them your Guns with a great set of Buns too! Focusing on your arms and glutes in this class, we’ll have your body BEGGING to feel the burn!


Ready to get your cardio on and you jump your way to better health? This high-energy class combines the Pilates reformer and jumpboard with a high-energy playlist to get you moving and increase your cardiovascular health while toning those muscles.

Circuit Pilates Cardio/Sweat

You’ve tried Pilates & you’ve tried Bootcamp – Now try BOOTCAMP PILATES!!! This class gives you a unique blend of bootcamp-type exercises and Pilates incorporating hand weights, as well as lunges and push ups to get the heart pumping. A hardcore, fast-moving, sweaty class where you rotate through all of the Pilates equipment including the Cadillac, WundaChair, Ladder Barrel and Reformer, which you would usually only get to use during private sessions.