Melanie Archer-Dieveney owner/operator and lead trainer of Archer Pilates started Pilates 11 years ago to in 2006 out of having the need to re-invent herself after having been a preschool teacher and leaving that profession to be a full time mom.

She discovered Pilates when struggling to loose the last 20 lbs of her baby weight. The core principal and exercise worked wonders and after only 3 months of diligent Pilates workouts (3 times a week) she had her figure back and to her surprise her body was even better than before. She had more energy, better balance and more focus. It was then , when her daughter Grace was 2 yrs old she realized it was her calling . Feeling passionate she enrolled in the Stott certification program and became certified within 6 months. During the program she taught and practiced Pilates as much as possible with friends colleagues and taking classes.

After working for others she made the bold move for a single mother who wanted to provide better for her family to convert her garage at her home in Culver City into a studio that was welcoming to both the parent and their child. She had a vision and the drive to better her community, mind and body and it is that vision that got her notice by the Culver City Star and her first article.

Through word of mouth her dream grew slowly till her little studio walls were too small to contain her demand. So in March of 2009 during hard economic times Archer Pilates & Wellness opened its doors to offer her service to more people in a bigger facility, but she wanted to offer more than just Pilates. As the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” Melanie concluded that it takes more to care for the mind, body and soul. It takes a community of like minded individuals to come together and help others reach their goals. With this in mind she added chiropractic, Massage and physical therapy then took it a step further by also taking medical insurance. This is her vision and passion all under one roof.