2018 FITNESS CHALLENGE – Outdoor Activities

2018 FITNESS CHALLENGE begins Monday January 22nd! Check out our blog HERE for all the details. We’re also going to have 3 Outdoor Activities that are worth 5 POINTS each to keep your workouts strong inside and out of the studio!
February 4th @ 10:30am – With Jennifer & Heather – Meet at Archer Pilates and walk over to the LMU Trail for a Run/Hike up the Trail and some extra exercises squeezed in!
February 17th @10:30am – With Melanie & Ainee – Playa del Rey Beach – Join us for some running and circuit work right on the beach! Can’t beat that Ocean View while working out!
March 3rd @10:30am – With Kat – Culver City Stairs – Get that last burn in with our FINAL outside on the killer Culver City Stairs! Climb to the top, and have a series of bonus workouts
ready and waiting for you!

6 Reasons Private Pilates Sessions Work!

Whether you have been doing Pilates for years, are brand new to the Pilates world, or are searching for a new fitness routine that TRULY makes a difference, Private Pilates sessions are the way to go.  We can help rehabilitate injures, keep you motivated & on track to meet your health & fitness goals for 2018 and beyond.  Everyone can benefit from Private Pilates Sessions at Archer Pilates!  Our highly trained instructors can help you change your body in ways you never would have imagined before, and help you see results in your stance & posture & in all aspects of your life & body!
1. The Personal Attention You’ll Receive
In a Private Session, you are our one and only priority!  Our Instructors are able to give you complete one on one direction, whether you roll your shoulders forward, rotate your ankles in or out while you’re working on footwork, or if that pesky lower back is over arching during your planks!  You receive the type of attention you wouldn’t be able to have during a class full of 8 people. Having repeat visits with your instructor will give us the opportunity to become tuned in to your body and all of it’s strengths and weaknesses.
2.Customized Workouts
Everyone has different goals when beginning, or continuing a workout regimen.  Some people have the focus on losing weight, strengthening, re-gaining conditioning or even as a form of rehabilitating an injury. Working one on one with a Private Instructor really allows you to focus on exactly what you are looking for with your body, especially with the added benefit of utilizing the Cadillac, Spine corrector, Chair and Barrel, equipment not worked with in Group Classes.  The possibilities are endless with the added benefit of these streamlined, high quality & versatile Pilates additions.
3. Mastering Your Form
Pilates is rooted in having the Proper Form.  From beginners, to the most advanced, in every class or private session you take, Form is always the constant you will hear from your instructor.  Private Sessions really allow you to have the time and attention you need to master the form properly to do everything from a bridge curl, to 100’s, to Long Stretch.  From the moment you walk into your first private session, your instructor will teach you all about your form during your workout, and even give you tips on how to improve your posture in your regular day life!
4. Lingo
Where are my Sitz Bones?  How “Curvy” is my curve supposed to be? What is Neutral spine?
There are a many terms thrown around in our group classes that may sound like a whole new language to you!  Our Instructors really explain these terms, and how to achieve them with your body, so you’ll be speaking the Pilates Language in no time!
5. Injuries and Health Issues
If you have a previous injury, or just have specific parts of your body that give you pain more than they should, a Private Session is really the best way to begin your Pilates Journey, or even continuing to master what you already are experienced in.  If you were a runner, and have issues with knee joint pain, or suffer from the far too common “desk posture” with lower back pain and pinching your shoulders up to your ears, your Private Instructor can really create workouts to focus on your specific body needs.  Having someone by your side, reminding you to pull those shoulders down, keep those ribs laced, maintain your neutral spine so you don’t feel any pain in your lower back, is crucial to really help you come back from your injuries, not further worsen them without the attention you need.

6. Accountability, Motivation and The Push
Our job is to motivate you, and keep you accountable when you need that extra push you can’t get on your own!  We are invested in you and your health from the moment you walk into our studio, and want to help push you and make your physical goals more attainable than ever before.  Private Sessions really have a focus on having a balance of giving you exercises that are not impossible for you to do, but to also challenge and push you to reach levels you didn’t think your body was able to go.
 Sign up today at Archerpilates.com and we will set you up with one of our highly skilled instructors!


Kickoff 2018 in full force with our 6 week Fitness Challenge!  Whether you’re trying to lose body fat, inches or gain strength, the Archer Pilates Challenge is going to help you feel positive, strong and healthy about the way you are starting the year!  And win some AMAZING prizes while you’re doing it!

Every week we’ll be posting up healthy recipes on the Archer Pilates Blog, along with tips on staying healthy outside of your workouts at our Studio.  And throughout the Challenge, we will have 3 Group Fitness Sessions outside of the Studio for all our Challengers to participate in.  Join us on our Facebook page by contributing any inspiration ideas, activities or recipes that are helping you get through our Challenge!  We want to make sure everyone in the Challenge feels the community encouragement and support from the Archer Pilates Team!

The GRAND PRIZE is 1 month of UNLIMITED Classes!  A value of $250!  2nd Place wins 5 FREE Classes, and 3rd place wins a set of Citizen Loops Personal Pilates loops!  Whoever has the most points by the end of the Challenge wins!

We have 3 Categories for you to choose what you want to accomplish during your Challenge:

  1. Most Body Fat Lost
  2. Most Inches Lost
  3. Gaining the most strength

We want to reward you every time you help yourself get closer to your goals with points for each activity:

  • Private Lessons – 3 Points
  • Classes – 2 Points
  • Checking in at Archer Pilates on Facebook and Instagram – 1 Point
  • Joining us on our Outdoor Challenge Workouts – 5 Points
  • Posting a photo of your Outside Workouts and Tagging Archer Pilates on Social Media – 1 Point (Use the #ArcherPilatesChallenge along with your picture)

The winner of each Category gets an additional 10 Points to their total!

The more you workout, the closer you get to winning!  Take advantage of our New Years Promotion for 10 Classes for $225, and 6 Private Sessions for only $390!  Work hard to WIN BIG!! The Challenge is only open to Monthly Members or clients who PURCHASE a package, so we can help you achieve all of your goals.  Click Here to sign up for ONLY $40!!

Join us to be your best self with our great, supportive Team!

2018 at Archer Pilates Academy & Studio

Start 2018 right at Archer Pilates Academy where you will get more than just a Pilates class, you get the experience of a Pilates Academy that will provide you with the support you need to change your lifestyle!

We’re offering brand new classes, will be sending out a new Monthly Newsletter with recipes, Wellness information and articles on how you can make the best of Pilates and improve your everyday life!  In 2018, we will also be hosting multiple workshops throughout the year focusing on healthy eating, incorporating the practices of Pilates into your life outside of the studio, and learning about the different parts of your body you are working while practicing Pilates.

We will also be working within our community by opening up a program to High School students in the neighborhood to learn about Pilates and a healthy lifestyle!

We also will be beginning our Spring Instructor Training March 24th with our Nuts & Bolts Workshop.  All of our current Instructors came through the Archer Pilates Academy, and are some of the best instructors around Los Angeles!  Change your career, your lifestyle and create a brand-new income for yourself!

Take advantage of our New Year Promotions on 10 Group Classes for $225!  This promotion is open to both New and Current Clients!

Our Private Pilates Sessions are an amazing way to practice Pilates, whether you are brand new to the program, a seasoned professional wanting to take advantage of all of the different equipment Pilates has to offer like The Chair, The Cadillac and The Barrel, or you are recovering from surgery or an injury and want a great way to therapeutically get your strength back!  We are offering a GREAT introductory deal for New Clients on a package of 6 private Sessions for $390!

Come to a Pilates Academy that will offer you more than a hello and goodbye after a class.  We have a great community of supportive and strong people who are here to help you create your best self!

13 Exercises to Help You Recover From an Injury

Overview Ouch! No one likes being sidelined by an injury. But you can cope with some by doing certain rehabilitative exercises (depending on your injury and if your doctor gives you the OK, of course). While these exercises won’t heal your injury, they can make you feel stronger. So if you’re experiencing pain in your knees, shoulders, lower back or hips, follow along with these 13 exercises from Melanie Archer, certified Pilates Master Trainer and owner of Archer Pilates and Wellness in Los Angeles. (NOTE: Get approval from your doctor or physical therapist before doing any of these exercises, as not all of them are suitable for every single injury.)

Workouts in Los Angeles for a Wedding-Ready Body

Our own Lisa Jey Davis wrote a piece “Workouts in Los Angeles for a Wedding-Ready Body” for Brides.com about 5 of the best fitness methods in and around Los Angeles. ARCHER PILATES is (of course) the featured studio in the Pilates section… and BONUS!


Archer offers special packages for Brides so they’ll be picture-perfect and wedding-ready on their big day!


Contact us to talk about available options, and what we recommend for you (or the bride-to-be in your life). We’re specially equipped and trained to help brides get on course to succeed and look amazing on their wedding day!

Lean for 2016′ Fitness Challenge!

Win a Free Month of Classes in our ‘Lean for 2016’ Fitness Challenge!

It’s time to get busy, get on track and achieve your 2016 fitness goals! Join us for our fun, motivating, annual fitness challenge and let us help you reach those goals!


The winner of our Lean for 2016 Challenge will receive an entire month of Pilates classes for FREE! All you have to do is rank the highest in a) improvement of strength, b) body fat loss, and c) total inches lost! Easy, peasy! Plus, we’ll be there to encourage and help each other along the way!

We will host special weekly fitness outings as well as have our usual variety of Pilates and Zumba classes available to help you meet your goals. Stick with it and continue to work hard and we’ll all be winners!

Here’s how it works:

The Lean for 2016 Fitness Challenge begins on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 4:00PM and runs for 6 weeks.
We’ll take body (including body fat) measurements and weigh each of the participants.
We’ll talk about the things that will make this challenge a success such as healthy diet, regular exercise and more.
Our first session will include a stretch, ab workout and fitness test.
We’ll hold each other accountable to attend classes, talk about struggles and how to overcome them, and to continue to work to reach our goals.
Our weekly outings will generally be held on weekend afternoons and will consist of activities such as special sessions at the studio, at the beach, hikes, walking the Baldwin Scenic Overlook, or even the Loyola Marymount Trail.
In addition to our first session measurements, we’ll do measurements at the half-way point and at the end of the challenge so participants can track their progress to be encouraged and to learn the best ways to be successful.
The cost for the entire package — weighing, measuring, tracking and motivational fitness outings — is only $40 per person.*
For only $40 you can be a lighter, brighter, healthier you. Let us provide the support you need to reach your health and fitness goals for 2016!

*Regularly scheduled classes are extra. We suggest a class package to get you through the challenge, but individual classes or private sessions may be purchased as well.