Melanie Archer-Dieveney

Master Pilates Trainer

Melanie Archer-Dieveney owner/operator and lead trainer of Archer Pilates started Pilates 11 years ago to in 2006 out having the need to re-invent herself after having been a preschool teacher and leaving that profession to be a full time mom.

She discovered Pilates when struggling to lose the last 20 lbs of her baby weight. The core principal and exercise worked wonders and after only 3 months of diligent Pilates workouts (3 times a week) she had her figure back and to her surprise her body was even better than before. She had more energy, better balance and more focus. It was then , when her daughter Grace was 2 yrs old she realized it was her calling . Feeling passionate she enrolled in the Stott certification program and became certified within 6 months. During the program she taught and practiced Pilates as much as possible with friends colleagues and taking classes.

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Jennifer Rashidi

Pilates Instructor

Jennifer Rashidi is a certified Pilates instructor through Archer Pilates (PSC). She has been devoted to physical fitness and health since she was four years old when she began training as a dancer which she continued through her early twenties. Her life focus changed to academics as an early adult when she pursued and received her Ph.D. in physical anthropology with an interest in the health and life ways of ancient people.  Her passion in life, beyond her two children, have been health, the human body, and teaching. Pilates has changed her life personally and professionally and she hopes to help others with their fitness and wellness goals.  As well as teaching Pilates she maintains a position as an instructor in anthropology at Santa Monica College.

Kat Walsh

Pilates Instructor

Kat discovered Pilates several years ago and has been hooked ever since. After seeing how it gave her new energy, strength and a higher level of overall fitness, she decided to gain her PFC certification so that she can share the experience with others. As a lover of the outdoors and an overall sports enthusiast, Kat brings her passion for health and fitness to the Pilates studio in hopes of motivating and helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals.